Roosters and Rough Times


Hello Reader,


Our Zippy Boy

It has been such a long time since I’ve written. I apologize. Such busy times out here on our farm. Some sad times too as we lost our Zippy boy to cancer in late July. He fought it for two years. We miss him more than we can say.

But lots has been going on so I think it will be easiest to catch you up by using pictures. So here we go 🙂


The chickens are getting bigger and bigger!


The roosters have started to crow now… we ended up having two roosters!


we took some time to go get some beautiful free boulders advertised on craigslist. My wonderful husband dug them up and I’m going to use them in landscaping the front bed of the farmhouse.


Sadly after only about 3 weeks Jason was hit by a driver at a red light and the accident totaled our new little farm truck. We had sold the red falcon and the blue ford pickup to get a truck that Jason could drive back and forth to work and still haul stuff home. Thankfully, Jason was alright except for a nasty cut on his arm. (Sigh) It was a nice little truck while it lasted.


The flowers have been a treat around the farm this summer!


I am planning on saving the seeds to the zinnias for next year 🙂


My beautiful thornless rose… bought it on a whim 🙂


The peppers, onions, and tomatoes are in right now. I have been making a lot of sauces to put in the freezer for wintertime!


We did get a larger tractor so we can plow our own garden now. We did have a mishap the other week ending with the accidental crashing of the tractor into the east side of the farmhouse… right into the main power cable that goes from the power meter into the house. Again, my husband was alright. Again, we were very fortunate… he could have been electrocuted to death.

Well, by this time in the summer we had gone through two major accidents and the loss of Zippy. Hence, the “rough times”.

We still have our boy Fiat which I am so thankful for… he livens us up with puppy craziness… and our kitty, Olivia, can always make me smile. The chickens are fun to watch! Especially the roosters. I couldn’t help it… I’ve named them both. One got a name right away because he was so small as a chick and had no tail feathers and he stood straight up on his little legs just like one of those Indian runner ducks… so his name is Ducky 🙂 The other rooster I called Mr. Shy 🙂 He is so timid… except when he is crowing! Then he puffs himself up and stretches out his neck, and CROWS! They make me laugh! They are so full of themselves.

I have learned so much this summer. I have very much enjoyed my big garden. I have learned that weeds are awful in the country though. Especially the first year you plow up a piece of land. I finally gave up on pulling them all and just try to keep a space around my veggies clear for them. Next year I am going to try laying down straw after the soil is tilled under in the spring.

051The corn is getting ready to come in right now, and I think in the next week I might have some sugar pie pumpkins to make into pumpkin pie!

We are still in the midst of a lot of house projects. I am painting the bedroom. (getting rid of the hideous lilac purple paint.) I am hoping to go around the edges of the upstairs floor and finish sanding those this week as well since it is supposed to be cooler out. Then we can get the floor finished up there and I can paint the bedrooms and hallway. Then we’ll get the spare room all set up and I can finally get in and set up my sewing room! So exciting. I’ve also been working away around the house. I’m hopeful to have all the lava rock out from around the perimeter and pea gravel put in. Then I can go to town with the flowerbeds. I’ve also got to mulch around the orchard trees, expand the strawberry bed, (they have put out so many new little runners I need to make the bed much bigger) and burn the rest of the brush pile as soon as possible.

So the rest of the summer is gonna be busy 🙂

I hope all of you are well! I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

047Until Next time,

Jodi Alvord

Ps. If you want to catch quick snatches of our farm life between letters you can find us on Facebook here:


5 thoughts on “Roosters and Rough Times

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your dog Zippy, and for the difficult times. But I’m also happy for all the good things that are going on there. I envy your giant rocks!! I’ve been looking for giant rocks for my rock garden which seems ironic…can’t I just grow rocks in my rock garden? Nope, gotta troll for them. Now, tell your husband to stop driving tractors into houses, much better to drive them into fields!! Stay well!


    • Thank you! Yes! No more machines by the house… and yes rock collecting is turning into a new hobby of mine 🙂 It’s like treasure hunting! Good to hear from you. I hope your summer is going well too. Is the Milkhouse studio full of inspiration this summer?


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