Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


My name is Jodi, and I am a wife, artist, quilt-maker, and gardener. I have always lived in the city. Always.

Until August 2014… I moved to the country… to what used to be an old dairy farm.

This isn’t one of those blogs that shows you  amazing unattainable dream estates where the carrot tops are all the same height in their immaculate 5 acre kitchen gardens. I’m certainly not going to be one of those women who wrestle cattle with their bare hands all day, slop hogs, and come in to prepare an amazing meal for 20 farmhands. This is just going to be a plain story about an American husband and wife who decided to take a chance and work hard on a 2-ish acre plot of old farmland… now that sounds more doable, doesn’t it 🙂

It’s also about letter writing. I miss letter writing. I used to have all kinds of pen friends going through school. Email just isn’t the same, nor Facebook (although you can find us on Facebook … just see the link below or at the top of our homepage), nor texting… and as for Twitter…well, as I said, I like letters. So that is what this blog will be. Letters to you, from me; telling you about my week.


Me and my Garden

The Farm Week in Review

I will do my best to be honest. No rose-tinted glasses. I’m sure there will be glorious triumphs. But there will probably be more disasters…especially at first. But maybe it will help you out. Maybe it will get your imagination; your ambition pumping… maybe you will want to go out and try this thing called farming. Or maybe just implement a few of the ideas in your own way, in your own yard.

How very American!

Jodi Alvord

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi Jodi! I’m excited that you found my blog, and am looking forward to reading your posts! I’m so glad you’re keeping it real : ) I miss writing letters too…in fact I think my handwriting has suffered as a result of so much typing! (Funny that you quilt, I work for a company that sells quilting supplies, notions and patterns…I don’t quilt myself but I’m getting to know a whole lot about templates, more than a non-quilter normally would!) Till later, Micka


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